Business Leader of the Year

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Nominees submit only once for the 2024 Halifax Business Awards (with one exception: Business Leader nominees may also apply in one other category for their organization). If you are nominated in multiple categories, choose the one that most applies.

If you are nominated multiple times in the same category, you only need to complete one submission.

Eligibility Requirements´╗┐

  1. Nominees must have an active participation in a business located or operating in HRM. The majority of the business must have provincial ownership and headquarters must be located provincially.
  2. Please note: Individuals currently working for Crown Corporations/100% Government Funded Organizations are not eligible for this category.
Criterion Weight
Tell us about your organization. Help us understand who you are and what you do. 16.7%
How have you shown vision and leadership in your community? Where did these traits come from? 16.7%
What has been your proudest accomplishment to date and how has this impacted the community? 16.7%
What involvement do you have in mentoring others and helping to develop future leaders? How has this influenced you as a leader? 16.7%
How are you a part of/contributing to the Halifax business community? How are you making it stronger? 16.7%
What is your organization doing to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace? 16.7%