The Halifax Chamber is deeply committed to DEAI as is reflected in the DEAI Action Plan. A diverse business community is integral to our economy and community and should be supported and celebrated. This extends to the Awards, the goal being for the Awards to recognize and reflect the diversity of our business community. Read more about the Halifax Chamber's commitment to DEAI, including our action plan and toolkit.

The Chamber is committed to doing better. We are learning from experience and listening to what our colleagues and the community are saying. As such we strive to better support DEAI in the Awards by:

  • Engaging DEAI consultant to review the Awards process with an equity perspective which involves examining the awards categories, eligibility and judging criteria, and nomination process to identify and address barriers and to ensure equity is a priority throughout the process (completed in April/May 2023).
  • Acknowledging, through the awards criteria, the work that businesses and leaders are doing to support and advance DEAI in their workplaces and in the community
  • Establishing a 50/30 Challenge mandate to ensure diversity on the judging panel (Read more about the 50/30 challenge here)
  • Ensuring judges are educated regarding unconscious bias and fair and equitable decision-making. (Read more about our Judging Committee here.)


Nominees should be made aware that if they require any accommodation during the submission process, they are encouraged to advise the Chamber of their accommodation need(s) and the Chamber will do their best to support all reasonable accommodation requests.